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Balancing & Stabilizing the Shoulder (Rotator Cuff) Part 1

By Sean Beckford (CSCS, RYT, FST) on October 6, 2022

Hi Friends!  Earlier this week, I introduced an article on lower back pain in movement, and that is going to be a series of its own which I’ll cover in depth. Today I’m going to talk about another important areas of the body, and have a series on different muscle groups upcoming in the future. […]

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Why Is Core Stability Important in Movement?

By Sean Beckford (CSCS, RYT, FST) on October 3, 2022

Hey all! Welcome to my blog. It’s been a long time. Great to be back.  One of the things that I often see on social media, and in the gym settings is individuals going about training their core in the wrong way in flexion based movement (sit-ups). The prevailing assumption is that if we strengthen […]

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