Balancing & Stabilizing the Shoulder (Rotator Cuff) Part 1

By Sean Beckford (CSCS, RYT, FST) on October 6, 2022

Hi Friends!  Earlier this week, I introduced an article on lower back pain in movement, and that is going to be a series of its own which I’ll cover in depth. Today I’m going to talk about another important areas of the body, and have a series on different muscle groups upcoming in the future. […]

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Why Is Core Stability Important in Movement?

By Sean Beckford (CSCS, RYT, FST) on October 3, 2022

Hey all! Welcome to my blog. It’s been a long time. Great to be back.  One of the things that I often see on social media, and in the gym settings is individuals going about training their core in the wrong way in flexion based movement (sit-ups). The prevailing assumption is that if we strengthen […]

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10 Steps to Enhance Your Winter Lockdown

By Sean Beckford (CSCS, RYT, FST) on February 8, 2021

Are the days starting to blend into one another? Are you still keeping your routine? Or do you notice that spending more time inside is making your habits and rituals slowly trend backward? Is anxiety & stress higher than it should be? If so, here’s 10 ways to help stay in the fight so you come out stronger from lockdown than you did going into it.

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